Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daily Grind

Feb 25 Thursday
Well this week there wasn’t much going but a lot of doing. I felt like I was trapped all week. I spent most of my time sitting in the living room working on my lesson plans and homework assignments that I’m giving my students.
I’m always happy when it’s time for chapel. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays chapel starts at 10:15. It’s a great time to be with the students. Because we are professors they honor us by making us sit at the front of the room sitting to the side. So we are looking at the side of the stage, not the best view. Stephanie and I didn’t like it very much and tried to sit in the front row of the normal seats. We were chastised by one of the missionaries. She said that the locals don’t like us sitting there. So alas we find ourselves looking to the side.
The message is given by different people each time. Wednesday it was a student. It was very applicable. The songs are in Swahili, French, and English, normally one or two in each language. It’s great to just stand and listen to the music while I have a good chat with the Lord. It’s nice.

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