Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Feeling Well

I realized that I haven’t updated you since my illness. Please forgive me. I’m still alive. Slowly moving around and adding activities back to my life, but alive and well. Thank you to all who prayed. Your prayers were answered.

Friday, November 9, 2012

I have what? It feels like death!

Dysentery (formerly known as flux or the bloody flux) is an inflammatory disorder of the intestine, especially of the colon, that results in severe diarrhea containing mucus and/or blood in the feces[1] with fever, abdominal pain,[2] and rectal tenesmus (a feeling of incomplete defecation), caused by any kind of infection.
In extreme cases dysentery patients may pass over a litre of fluid an hour. More often, individuals will complain of nausea, abdominal pain, and frequent watery and usually foul-smelling diarrhea accompanied by mucus and blood, rectal pain, and fever.

Thank you Wikipedia for painting my symptoms so clearly. I could be considered a texbook case.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Relaxing in Burundi

After a hard few months we went out on the town. We treated ourselves to watermelon, orange, passion fruit drink at one of Isaac and my favorite restaurants.

The Blue Bench

This is my favorite bench in all of Burundi. I call it the Blue Bench. Back in 2010 I would leave the comfort of my apartment and take a seat on the Blue Bench greeting people as they passed. This bench became the place to make friends. People would just greet me and pass by, others would stop and sit. Many would take the opportunity to practice their English skills. Others would chat about culture. I learned many Kirundi words and culturally appropriate behaviors while sitting on this bench. This was also the bench where I first told him that I loved him. 

Today thought it is the International Bench. 
Sifiso, on the far side, is South African. Frenzdi, sitting in the middle, is from Haiti. It doesn’t matter how far away from the bench I live, it is still my favorite bench in all of Burundi.

Ticket to Ride

It’s almost like we really were back in 1912 taking over Europe…muhaha
Ticket to Ride was a great idea, even with the electricity off.

Wedding Hairstyle Try #1

No power, no electricity, nothing to do while I wait for the ride to town…what’s a girl supposed to do?