Friday, May 13, 2011

My population

So I've been frustrated working at the aquarium because I'm not really doing anything that is challenging or really in my interest area.
But today I had a meeting with a mom. Her son is coming to camp this summer at the aquarium and he has disabilities. I've been assigned to be his buddy during camp and make sure that camp runs smoothly for him and for the rest of the camp. So my boss thought it would be good for me to meet with the mom before so I can find out how best to get ready for camp. Well I didn't think this was necessary but went with it. It was awesome. The mom was almost in tears when I walked in. She has lived in many different places around the world and in America but had never had people so welcoming and accommodating of her son because of his special needs.
It was so great to hear her talk about her son and his strengths and challenges. He sounds like a great kid. I was so excited to hear about this kid that I get to spend a week with this summer.
As I was saying good bye to the mom my eyes caught a glimpse of a familiar person. It was my class; the students I taught before I left for Africa. The whole class was there, teachers, aids, and all. I was shocked. It was so great to see them.

Now I know why I'm frustrated with work, it's not the place or the job; it's me. I wasn't made to work with fish or children or programs. I was made to work with people with disabilities. I find no greater joy then spending time with, teaching, and getting to know people with disabilities. It's where I belong.

I want to be part of people's lives who have disabilities. It doesn't matter where I am or who I work for, as long as I've got people with disabilities in my focus I'll be a happy girl.