Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gave the Potato a Bath

I was forced today to say, “I gave the potatoes a bath.” When my night guard ate some of the soup I prepared for him he asked me about the skins I left on the potatoes. I knew exactly how it would sound before I prepared my response. Yet with my limited Kirundi I was stuck. What could I do? I do have to say that the Burundi people are so very kind to put up with my limited vocabulary. Please pray that God would continue to open my mind to this difficult language.

Please Pray

Please pray for safety in Burundi.
There is political issues and so hightened security measures have been made. All killings have been on specific people but the last one happened in the main area of town. Please pray for me as I travel around town and for my friends who live and move around the country.
Thank you

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Library time at the King’s School

Sunday Afternoon Uno Club

Filled Truck

I think we could fit at least one more bag on top, plus at least 20 people. 

Baby Shower, Burundi Style

Baby Shower for one of my coworkers. All in attendance were other teachers at The King’s School.

Saturday filled with Football

Nothing like a football match game to spend the Saturday afternoon.
The football pitch under the view of the beautiful Burundi hills.

Isaac is the coach of the University’s International team.

I told the students that I would be a soccer mom. “What does that me?” they asked. “You will see.” And they did:)

Enjoying a Fanta

Three of the youngest children that I lived with in the first few months of my stay. They came to visit me in my new place the other day.

Big Beetle

I just can’t get over the strange bugs I find here and there. 
Check out this giant beetle!