Sunday, October 30, 2011


I told you I would inform you either way. Well this last opportunity has closed. The explanation for the denial was timing.
Through the tears I choose to say that God is great and worthy of following. So I choose, even though it is hard to continue after so many closed door, I choose to praise him for his perfect timing.
To God be the glory!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Wind is Blowing

When the wind begins to blow you can see the leaves in the trees and tall grass start to sway.
I am starting to see the effects of the wind blowing in my life.
Nothing is official yet, but things are starting to move.
Please pray for the doors that seem cracked open to swing wide!
Possibilities are presenting themselves and things are moving quickly. Yet I am moving forward with caution since the last 8 months have been filled with possibilities that have been dashed to the rocks and I was left in a state of sorrow. Caution is how I am proceeding towards this opportunity.
I'm not content with a good opportunity, I want the Lord's will! I want to be sure he is orchestrating all of this.
For now please keep plan me and making in your prayers.

I will give more details when things seem more official in the positive or negative (I'll let you know either way)