Saturday, October 31, 2009

She held my hand!!!

Yesterday I walked into the Marston's house. Two small girls met me. They began to speak Kurundi to me. I took off my shoes and hung up my coat. The oldest, about 3, took my hand and began to swing it. I knew I was welcome. In Burundi if someone holds your hand that means they like you or want to be your friend.
We went down stairs where the meeting was going on. I turned the corner and entered a room packed with black faces and a language I didn't know. The conversation stopped as soon as they saw me. I was asked to introduce myself. I began to speak and a video camera spun around to look right at me. They sat quietly until I said that I was going to teach at Hope Africa University. Then the comments went around the room. The man that seemed to be the leader said, "You are welcome" two or three times. Then the meeting continued. I found a seat in the back of the room and the little girl that greeted me at the door came and sat by me.
I heard a few words that I recognized, but didn't know the meaning. That excited me that I wasn't in Burundi yet, but I could pick out familiar Kurundi words.
The meeting closed and they stood for prayer. I helped the little girl off the chair. While they were praying the girls began to talk. I leaned down to them and quietly said, "numa". That is one of the words that I first learned, it means "be quiet". They looked at me with a curious look, but they quieted down.
The man who seemed to be the leader was the Director of Revenue and Customs for Burundi, Ezechiel Nibigira. He also was part of the first graduating class of Hope Africa Univ. He was the one that everyone came to hear, including me. When the meeting broke up a few of us stayed for dinner. I spent my time picking up on cultural norms I watch the speed in which they ate, the topic of conversation they had, and how they talked to different people.
At the end of dinner the Director's wife, a recent graduate of Hope Africa University, grabbed my hand and walked with me to the door. She told me that I had to come and visit her when I got to Burundi. I told her I would.

Walking into my parents house after the meeting I opened the door, my mother was in the kitchen, I blerted out, "SHE HELD MY HAND!!!" My mom asked me if that was a good thing. I explained to her that that it very good.
It is good to know that I have a friend waiting for me in Burundi.
I'm very excited to see what the Lord will do when I am in Burundi.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lord what are you up to?

I'm excited to see what the Lord is up to...
Friday I met one of my co worker's brother. He has been in Sudan for a number of years working with the Jesus Films. He has been to Burundi and gave me some great cultural information! When we were done he prayed for me and that I would be bathed in the fire of the Holy Spirit. Wow I sure felt it and he did too.
I was informed that Ezechiel Nibigira, the Director of Internal Revenue and Customs for Burundi, and his wife Esperance will be speaking Sunday and again on this Friday. I was planning on going to both but I got a call from my cousin Molly on Saturday.
Molly informed me that she was at a conference at her church and sat next to Bishop Simeon from Burundi (not sure of his last name yet, or what denomination he is from). She called me and so Sunday I will be meeting him. He was telling Molly about Hope Africa University and that he knew Bishop Elie (who invited me to Burundi).
I'm so excited to see how the Lord will use these meetings for His glory.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Overwhlemed, it's a good thing

I presented at a church for the first time today it was Ballard Free Methodist Church. This is the church that will be collecting all my funding and then sending me the money while I'm in Burundi.

As I sat in the sanctuary listening to the sermon I looked down at the bulletin. I put my prayer card with my picture and where I am going to the side. I had stuffed all the bulletins with them earlier that morning. Then I looked down and saw my name, I was presenting so I thought it would be there. What I wasn't expecting was my classification, missionary.
Me a missionary, I didn't think about it like that.
As I presented I was overwhelmed with the huge responsibility, I will be representing this church, moreover Christians in Washington, and even more than that I will be representing Jesus Christ to those I meet in Burundi, Africa. Wow, what a task.
I was almost done with the presentation and I began to ask them to pray for me. I was overwhelmed by the need that I had for them to pray. (it's a big need)
I realized more than ever how much God is going to have to do everything during this trip. And that is comforting. Nothing I do on my own will be any good, it will be garbage. Only what God does will be worth the time and effort.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Prayer Cards and Presentations

Prayer cards are being printed this weekend!
Wow I feel like I'm going to be going and doing something soon. (funny isn't it)

This Sunday 10/18/09 I will be doing my first presentation to Ballard Free Methodist Church. I'm excited to see what the Lord does with this.
I am in the process of requesting churches to allow me to come and share my information. Let me know if you want me to come to your church, that would be fun.