Monday, November 3, 2014

Graduate School Ceremony

Isaac has been working like a dog at his graduate level medical school (residency). He is a teacher and supervisor to the lower level doctors, a student in his classes and with his seniors, he's a full time working doctor and surgeon and if that's not enough he gets to "sleep" at the hospital once a week on the night duty while working the day before and after.

I don't see my husband very much being that he's gone about 12 hours a day. But we do enjoy the time we have together.

This was a moment where he got to take a break for the day. A ceremony for the university was being held. It was a white coat event. I took this opportunity to join the festivities.

Fall is here...sort of

Step 1: buy pumpkin

Step 2: cut in half

Step 3 & 4: clean out seeds and place on cookie sheet. (I'm too lazy to scrap off the cooked on pumpkin so I used foil)

Step 5: bake pumpkin

Step 6: scrap out flesh

Neighbor Children

When the children are and fun commence

It all started with 3 little heads peeping through my window saying "Story? Aunt Rachel, story?"
The story then turned into a whole gathering of children.

Often there are only about 4 or 5 children playing around and in my yard. But this day there were so many that I thought we should play some games.

 One thing lead to another, story to relay races, relay races to acrobatic acts, this lead to a full blown dance party. I brought out our small drum and the children showed me that they certainly knew how to beat it. They danced and sang to the point that neighbors were gathering to watch.

I love it when fun just finds me :)
I also love having neighbors with so much fun and joy in their lives.

Truly I am blessed to live in this neighborhood.