Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sharing Our Story

Isaac taking a break from time in the OR in Wenatchee.
 It's been a busy time in the states as we prepare to head back to Uganda. Isaac has been hard at work in hospitals doing observations and shadowing doctors while Rachel has been speaking to women's groups. We have both had the opportunity to speak together to different churches, schools, and kids clubs around the area. It has been such a blessing to share what God has been teaching us through stories of our time in Burundi and Uganda.

Rachel speaking in Chehalis to a women's group.

Rachel and Isaac adding a song to their presentation at San Juan Baptist Church.
Isaac at St Peter's Providence Hospital observing.

4th graders at Rainier Christian School praying for us before we presented to their school.

Rachel showing how strong a piece of fabric can be. What a big baby! Isaac thinks that's pretty funny.

Rachel speaking to the Lacey Christian Women's Club

In Aberdeen speaking of God's plan for using broken people.