Saturday, December 8, 2012

American Flag Mini-bus

I saw this nicely decorated minibus a few months ago wishing to take a photo of it. Today was my lucky day...not only did I get to ride in it but I had my camera with me :) I was a happy girl

December First

This December 2012 is a December that will be remembered for many years to come. And it started well. December first was a Saturday which found me getting into the Christmas spirit the best way I know how is such a hot climate…baking with cinnamon. Yes, cinnamon rolls were on the menu for breakfast and Christmas music was in the air.

This is Muhawe Kevin David.

He likes to be called Muhawe. He is a student in my class. He is so polite, caring, and a very good student. When asked, his favorite subject is English. One day I know he will gently lead something wonderful. J This is his “mama” she is a women who works at the New Hope Orphanage here in Burundi as a mother for 6 “children”. The primary school aged children from New Hope started coming to The King’s School this year. I wanted to know about where Muhawe lived and how his “family” worked. So we took a trip. A few Saturdays ago a number of us teachers went to visit. Sitting in the shadow of a mosque being build the orphanage is nothing to write home about. Small apartment style rooms are lined up along each wall leaving a cement slab in the middle to play. On one end is the gate and the other is a wreck room of sorts with cooking facilities around the corner.
We sang, listened to speeches and drank soda and shared cinnamon rolls. It was great to see my students and get a sense of where they are from.

Yellow Rain Hat

Liz and I couldn’t hold it together. Who wears a bright yellow rain hat during the day…this guy. He just seems so out of place amongst all the brown shades.


This year I wanted to host thanksgiving at my place. It was great to be able to invite over friends and share in a feast! 
Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, USA, and England were represented at the feast.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Babies, babies, babies!

Coworker Flora and her baby Chris

My week was filled with babies, Thursday went to Burundian baby shower for one of my co-workers at the King's School.
There were 20-25 women there and we literally played Pass the Baby. Around the room Chris went, spending about 2 minutes in each ladies arms. I got an extra minute since I asked for a photo.
Queen from the New Hope Orphanage

Saturday some of the teachers went to visit our students at one of the orphanages that feeds our school. It was great to see my students in their homes. And to meet their mothers who care for them. What was most interesting was finding out which children are "siblings" to one another. Nature vs Nurture...I think nurture is winning that battle.
This is Queen (on the right) who is in the pre school class. She took the opportunity to snuggle up into my arms for most of the time we were there. On Monday at school she came and gave me a big hug. It's nice to give and receive love.

Sunday I went to a friend's house and got to hold his 3 week old little girl, Sarah. She was so cute. I didn't want to give her away when we left. The father did tease me that I was getting married soon and the Burundian way is to have a baby within the first year of marriage. I just laughed.