Monday, September 14, 2009

My life, like reading a novel

You might not know it by hanging out with me or even being in class together, but I have a learning disability. I have very little working memory which make reading and processing information very hard. This leaves me with a 5th grade reading level. Reading was always a challenge for me but now that I'm out of school and I can take my time I'm finding that I really enjoy the stories.
I like to sit and read a book little by little. This gives me time to process what I have read and think about it. I feel that this Burundi trip is unfolding the same way I read books.
I am so excited about going to Burundi right now and it's not because of Burundi or what I'm going to do there. I'm excited to see what is on the next page, what God is writing next.

I pick up a book only after I know it is going to be a good one. I don't want to waste my time struggling through the pages if I'm not going to enjoy reading it. With this trip I only agreed because I was going to be able to work with people who have disabilities, which is my favorite thing to do. I didn't know what I would be doing specifically while I was there or if there would be anyone in Burundi with me. I was all alone and feeling lonely about going, but I knew that God wanted me to go and I was being obedient.
Then plans started coming together, things I would have never thought to plan. Just like the books I read, there are always turns along the way that are unexpected.
For the trip I now have a job description, people to travel with, people to work with while I'm there, and some serious support from people here in Western Washington.
I now want to go not to help, which sounds weird, but to see what God has in store for the rest of the story. I'm hooked to this novel that is my life and want to know what is on the next page. I want to see what He is going to do next.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Official

So I'm very excited to announce that I'm now officially going to Burundi. I got an email from the VISA missions agency and all my paperwork and needed approvals are now done. I can officially go to Burundi!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I thought our hope of being roommates were dashed, little did I know that God was planning Burundi instead of Warm Beach Camp.
Stephanie Harris' great grandpa and my grandpa were identical twin brothers. Stephanie and I had met before at family reunions but that was where it stopped. Until I went to work at Warm Beach Camp. Stephanie and I knew we were related when we started the job but we didn't know how well we would get along. The summer went by and Stephanie and I became close. With the next summer working side by side we couldn't just stop hanging out because the job was over. We stayed later in our family cabin on the property. We were discussing our next plans and we both didn't have any. We decided that we wanted to live in the family cabin and work at the camp. We would be roommates. But as plans made by girls in their 20's go it didn't happen.
God didn't think the same way I did though. God was planning, as he does.
When the chair of the English dept. at HAU asked me to be an English professor while I was there I told him I was willing but didn't really want to. The more I thought about it my thoughts took me back to my report cards for English classes, D's and C's. The thought of me teaching English was a complete joke. I would be so stressed out by the task. I jokingly said to my mother, "If he wants an English teacher he should ask Stephanie." At that time Stephanie had been teaching English to the people of Malawi for 4 months.
As I lay in bed I would day dream about Stephanie and I teaching at HAU together and rooming together. I would put it out of my mind though because I didn't want to get my hopes up. I knew it couldn't happen, why I'm not sure.
Last week Stephanie and I chatted on facebook and she told me she was thinking about teaching at HAU. She then asked me if it would be alright to share an apartment when we were at HAU.
I was elated, the thought of being roommates just thrilled me. Not only would I not have to be alone while in Burundi but I might have a travel buddy for the flight over.
God was scheming all along. None of this planning is for sure, but I can see that the Lord is taking care of me. He has a plan for my life and He is working out the details. I just need to remember His faithfulness and trust Him.