Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Isaac's Mother

I love it that I have family here in Uganda.

Isaac's mother came to Kampala for a visit and so we met her after she had been to the airport and zoo for the first time. We decided that she needed another cream and an elevator ride!

I love this lady!!!

Mama's good friend (in red) with her daughter (in black and white) with her children.

So great!

A Car

We are thanking God for allowing us to have a car!!!

It truly has simplified life and allowed for more family time with limited time wasted on transportation.

Isaac enjoyed the first wash alone, he wouldn't let me was about to rain so I was glad :)


So my parents came for a visit. And so blogging has gone out the window. Sorry

We went to a friend's church for the service. Mom enjoyed the full body worship as we danced.

A huge blessing to have dad help with the solar!!!

And I almost stepped on this little guy on my walk home. Thought I'd bring him home and keep him. Too bad Isaac doesn't like animals. So I put him in the rose bush and never saw him again. Crazy chameleon.