Monday, February 1, 2016

Hope & Healing Center progress

Hospital Project: Hope and Healing Center

(photos from Jan 30th Meeting)

Land Donation Process

The locals have fully taken on the responsibility to get the land donated for the hospital project.

We had the signatures we needed but were informed that a few people who didn’t want the hospital went to the district and told them that the signatures were fake. This is why nothing has happened for quite a long time. So, the locals in favor have created a committee and are doing all the work again.

December 31st there was a full village meeting where the decision to donate the land was given. We weren’t there but got phone calls that people were dancing in the streets once the land was donated.

January 1st the committee sat and decided on 5 representatives to craft a letter to take to the district concerning land donation.

January 30th we were asked to meet with the committee to fully explain the process and timing of building the hospital. 

 Something Deeper Ministries Board members were in attendance and presented the hospital project.

Peter, SDM's spiritual adviser. Presenting SDM's vision to empower youth to change their own community.

HumKay, SDM's PR man presented how far the hospital project has gone.

Map of the hospital was great to show to the locals.

Isaac, SDM's director presented the phases of the hospital project construction.

Rachel chatted with locals after concerning what the surgery building will look like.

Events and meetings seem to always include eating. Ugandan style.

Richard presented the construction process and legal issues surrounding building.

Mino, SDM finance manager in pink, sitting with Richard's wife.

It was great to travel to the meeting with the whole team. This project is just getting bigger and bigger. Thank you to all who are praying and giving towards this cause. Uganda will be different because of this hospital.