Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Giving back to those who give so much

Back on Sept 11, 2014 I blogged about a woman who is taking care of the "least of theses". She doesn't have a lot of money or connections but she knows what it feels like to have a child with a disability. She knows what it is like to need help and a shoulder to cry on.

She started Home of Hope as a response to the devastating conditions children with special needs find themselves in because of lack of parent support. As part of her ministry she has learned that requiring someone to be an orphan to receive services means that children "become orphans". She explains that parents willingly give up the responsibility of raising their children with the hope of giving their child a better life within an orphanage. She has changed her focus to supporting parents. Creating family environments where children can be raised by their own parents within their own families with parents who are supported and given advice by her. It's a wonderful addition to her work.

We wanted to support this woman in her work. We knew how we could help. Something Deeper Ministries has quilts. About 10 women in the states have donated their time and resources to make quilts. These women don't do this because of payment or any perk, they do it because it is something they can do. They know how important it is for a mother to be able to provide a warm blanket for their children to sleep under.

 Home of Hope is the second orphanage I have been able to donate a large number of quilts to through Something Deeper Ministries. It is such a joy to be able to pass these quilts out. I wish that all the women who donate could be there to see the joy on the faces of those who receive.
Something Deeper Ministries Quilting Group...these photos are for you!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Road Delay

On our way to church Sunday morning we found ourselves going no where. This is the only road out of our home. The truck was parked in the road. We beeped the horn and he proceeded to back his tire into the ditch. If that wasn't enough instead of driving forward to correct the situation...he kept backing and then we knew it would be a while with two wheels in the 3ft ditch.

After they hired about 10 guys to come and lift him out we got to church, an hour late!

English Class Graduation

Proud moment for me at the graduation of my students from the English class I taught at church.
Some of these women couldn't even tell me their name when asked at the beginning, yet all gave a speech at graduation thanking us for our work as instructors.

Helen, the woman on the right, was such a dedicated student. I gave her word lists such as the, of, and, and so on. She would come back the next class having memorized the words and so pleased with herself for learning to read.
She was the one with the least English at the beginning of the class. I was so honored when she took the courage to stand in front of the audience to thank me specifically for giving her courage to try English. 

December in Review

Wow has it really been over a month since I've blogged? Sorry
Christmas and visitors have taken their toll.

Christmas party including cookie decorating
We have been to visit village a few times this month. All short trips with main goals in mind. One of which has been getting signatures on paperwork for the organization we are starting. We need an organization that can do projects within Uganda. We must register with the government. It is called an NGO (non-governmental organization...aka a charity). We give away quilts, visit schools, help out with many different and random things and are in the process of building a hospital. When an NGO is started that will help us to focus our assistance and have covering of the local and national government. There are also perks like tax exemptions on donations and such. We want to do everything in a way that honors God and through our research this seems to be the best way. The NGO will be called Something Deeper Ministries, if you've heard of that ;)

HumKay concert in our livingroom
December also held a wedding of some very good friends of Isaac and mine. I was the made of honor and Isaac was the legal best man while for the event he ran around being the wedding planner. He said that he enjoyed it but was glad he's a doctor and doesn't do events. :)

I held a surprise double event. Mom, Dad and I planned a surprise Christmas party for Isaac. We invited friends, played a Christmas trivia game and even decorated cookies. The day before Isaac and I held a surprise concert for Mom and Dad. One of Isaac's friend's is a musical artist here in Uganda. Mom loves his music and so we planned a livingroom concert event with Hum Kay. It was great. Even when he arrived they just thought he was over for a visit, until he started singing that is. Some of our neighbors even joined us for the concert!

Christmas found us in village. This is Isaac and my 3rd Christmas at Isaac's mother's place. And Mom and Dad's second. It was a short visit this year since we didn't sleep in village. It was nice to see family and friends.
During Christmas we were visited by village members who informed us that they have been holding meetings on their own concerning the legalization of giving the land for the hospital. This is wonderful news that they are taking the project on as their own.

New Years Eve was spend near our home. We were able to take out our neighbor and his wife and baby along with our niece for fireworks and popcorn. We popped the corn and took it in bowls. Because the traffic is terrible that night we decided that we would travel just 10 min from our house to a friend's property overlooking the city. We were able to see small firework shows across the city, perhaps 15 shows all at once. All three that we took had never seen fireworks before so this was a treat, even from far away.

We went to a Kwanjjula that first Saturday in January. A Kwanjjula is a dowry party, sort of like an engagement party. It is very cultural and filled with lots of drumming, dance performances, and good food. It was nice to just be one of the family members instead of a visitor at this event.

I'm sure I've forgotten somethings but...this gives you some recap.