Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who would be that voice?

I was driving in my car the other day just chatting with the Lord about my finances for the trip. Remember Lord it's $20,000. How will you raise $20,000?
I told him that I trusted him; that if the money didn't come in then I would not go, simple as that. But then I started to think about it. What would happen if I didn't go? Who would go instead of me? Who would be a voice, someone to speak up for the children with disabilities. Lord if you don't let me go then who will go?
I told him that I wanted to go. I didn't want this opportunity to pass by because someone needs to go and if not me then who? I pleaded with the Lord to let me go to Africa.
Now let's put on the breaks a little and remember where I was just 6 months ago...Lord, don't send me! I don't want to go to Burundi! Please send someone else.
Wow how the Lord has changed my heart. He has brought me around to realize that his plan for me, if I am willing to follow, is right were I would like to be.
I, Rachel Jacobs, want to go to Burundi. I want to be a voice that speaks up for those who are hidden in their home and not cared for.
I am reminded of what Bishop Elie said to me when I asked how those with disabilities are cared for, "they feed them because they have to, they are a burden, that is all." Someone needs to stand up and say, "These people with disabilities are loved by God and should be valued and loved by families and neighbors."
God I want to be that voice

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Blanket...Really?

So I'm sitting here writing out my packing list and began writing out what bedding I will need to take. I wrote down pillow and my hand stopped. My pen hovered over the paper. My hand wanted to write, my baby blanket but my head told me that I don't have space, I won't need it, and I would hate to loose it. As my hand was hanging there in mid air I began to cry. I laugh now that I have wiped back the tears and began to write about it but those were real tears. I'm telling you, I don't use my baby blanket very often, it's just a nice throw when I'm cold, and I'm sure I won't be cold in Burundi. But the thought of not having it and all the comforts of home that it represents brings me to tears. Wow I'm such a pampered American. Lord help me break my comfort bubble for your glory.