Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 1 of First Grade?

Yes, I'm in first grade again. Today we added numbers to make 10 and spelled bed and pot.
I am helping out in a class with Sammy. It is a much better fit for him, he's a social boy.
I really enjoy the teacher too. She is having me teach a math lesson tomorrow. Human Number Line, it should be good!

Thanks for your prayers. Keep them up!!!

And enjoy the snow for me if you are near it

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Opportunity to Go to School

I have not seen a boy so excited in his life. Sammy’s joy is overwhelming. I asked him yesterday if he was happy about starting school with me. A grin filled his face and an emphatic nod moved his head up and down. Anyone could tell he was excited.
Every day for the last few months Sammy has seen his brothers and sisters go off to school. And every day Sammy is reminded that he is different. Sammy doesn’t get to go to school. It breaks my heart to think that this boy desires so much to learn, yet in Burundi there is no opportunity for him to attend school. Sammy is one of the many students who have fallen through the cracks. If Sammy’s disability was greater he would at least be able to attend the only center in the entire country that serves people with severe disabilities. But Sammy is too smart for that. His needs would not be served. If Sammy was higher functioning he could attend one of the schools run by internationals such as the British or Belgium schools which focus on individual performance and education. But Sammy is stuck in the middle. He is lacking access to education yet with my coming to Burundi Sammy now has a teacher. Sammy also has an opportunity, just like his siblings, to attend school.
Starting tomorrow I will teach my first day of school and Sammy will attend his first class.
Thank you to those who have given finances, prayed for, and supported me in coming to Burundi so that Sammy, and soon others like him will be able to attend school.

Just 5 Minutes

4pm and I’m exhausted! I the kids are going on a walk and I am to join them in just a few minutes. I have to lie down and rest for just 5 minutes I tell myself. I crawled into bed. I closed my eyes, it felt so nice. My pillow was hard but it was supporting my very heavy head. “Get your shoes on, we are going”. I hear from the other room. The children were moving around. I still had time. I didn’t want to waste this precious time before the walk.
I woke up. The house was quiet, then an explosion of noise, as only five children all under ten years of age could create. They are back from their walk was all I could think as sleep once again claimed my consciousness.
Once again I was awaken by an explosion of noise, this time it was tears. The mother inside of me was concerned and so I listened. Apparently their mother was going to a friend’s house and they wanted to join. These tears and cried were not enough to move me from the bed until my arm started to hurt. I felt the area, oh how it itched. So I scratched it. Defiantly a mosquito. The sun had gone down and it was now dark. At 4pm when I laid down for my 5 min rest I didn’t need a mosquito net. But now that it was 6:30pm I was going to be eaten alive if I didn’t get up. By now the children were calmed by their father and my eyes were still tired. But the threat of more mosquito bites brought me out of my 2 ½ hour “5 minute” nap.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Buja Here We Come

I'm so excited to be heading back to Burundi, yet not so excited to be waiting in yet another airport. But by Wed at 2pm we will be (hopefully) to the Bujumbura airport!
Thank you for your prayers

Friday, January 6, 2012

Q & A Update

Where are you going? Burundi, Africa
Who asked you to go? Ken & Melli Johnson (career missionaries in Burundi)
Where will you stay? Johnson’s home guest apartment in Bujumbura, Burundi (south side of town this time)
When are you going? January 9, 2012
How long are you staying? 1 year commitment
What will you do there? I’ve been asked to homeschool/tutor a Burundian boy with moderate mental retardation in the mornings and help to set up a special education tutoring center and school for children with learning disabilities who need extra help to stay in school.
How can I support you?
Prayer, emails, comments on my blog all help to remind me that people are helping me through on those tough days.
Finances are also needed. I will be staying at the Johnson’s for free but will not be paid for my work so I am relying on sponsors to assist in finances. $20,000 is what is needed for the year. I’m at $4,000 as of Christmas.
Giving sent to:
Living Hope Church
PO Box 1726
Westport, WA 98595
check memo line: Rachel in Burundi