Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Safari Update

Seeing animals are great but hanging out with mom and dad is the best part!!!
Enjoying them but wish we were back in Buja. I'm craving rice and beans...explain that to me!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vacation Update

Just thought I would give you all a quick update. I'm currently in Kenya experiencing the coldest weather I've had in the last 6 months!!!

I just finished a lovely vacation in Uganda. I dipped my toes in the source of the Nile River and took a morning walk to the bank of Lake Victoria as far as tourist things goes. Most of my time was spent with good friends meeting their friends and families. It's great to get to know more people and see beautiful land. I do have to report that I ate way too much. I stepped on a scale once I arrived in Kenya and I gained 5lbs while in Uganda. The food there is good, to say the least.

I will post pictures and stories when I get back to Buja. Right now I'm waiting around for my parents to fly in. That's right they fly in in 10 hours!!!! I'm so excited, you can't imagine, unless of course you have gone 6 months without seeing your parents while living in a foreign land, they you could imagine.

We will spend around 10-15 days here in Kenya and then travel together to Buja.

It's weird to say because I've only been gone for 14 days but I'm already homesick for Buja. It will be good to get back to my home and my friends.

Thanks for all your prayers while I'm out and about on vacation. Please pray for safety and for my parents as they experience a whole new world (like Aladdin)