Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Month of being here

Tuesday (yesterday) One Month Exactly from the time this trip began.
I got online in the morning and got to talk with my cousin, she just had a new baby and so she was up at the weird hour I was online. It was great to chat with her and check my emails and facebook. As I sat there looking at the screen I had a really good cry going on. Stephanie came in and I said, “This is why I don’t get online very often”. I am much better at compartmentalizing my life. It was the biggest wave of homesickness I have had. Stephanie came and sat with me and I ate some M&Ms that we have been keeping in the fridge. They weren’t as helpful as I thought they would be. 
I went to Bible Group and it was amazing. We sang English songs and the message was translated from English into French. If you have never listened to translated speech you probably don’t know but when you can understand the speaker in your own language and you don’t have the translation it makes a huge difference. For one month now I have been hearing everything second string or not at all. It was refreshing!!! He spoke about Moses and being used as a tool for God. It was meant for the students but totally applied to me.
After a girl in the choir that I just met told me she wanted to introduce me to her friend. I already knew him. We stood and talked for a while and then I suggest we go and play Uno. The guy had played before and was very excited about it. We found a classroom. By the end of the game there were 3 Africans and 3 Americans enjoying a good game of Uno.
The rest of the day was filled with lesson planning and correcting papers, something I do on a regular basis now.

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