Friday, May 20, 2016

Operations in Village

Isaac has been asked by a number of people in his village to do minor surgeries. These are simple things like fat swellings or simple hernias. With donations from GMA we are able to help these people even before the hospital is built. 

Isaac asked the owner of the local clinic if he could use a room for the operation. This is what I would call bush medicine. The room was one they use for teaching, the floor was covered with a thick layer of dust, the walls needed to be cleaned and painted, there wasn’t a chair or table in the room and the “table” for the operation had seen better days.

Isaac took his sterile equipment pouch and opened it at the man’s legs to make sure that things were accessible for him. He numbed the man up and started to work. Within 30 minutes he was done and the man had a smile on his face. He was happy with the work done and Isaac was glad to have helped him. Isaac prescribed the man antibiotics and hoped that he didn’t get an infection from the room and wind blowing dust through.

The Men on a Walk

Off on a walk with the family.


Part of living in Uganda is boarding school. This is my niece a few days before going off to boarding school. Hair must be short upon arrival. So I’ve turned into the barber for many students.

The Surgeon's Wife

This is what it is like to be married to a surgeon; you plan life together after work but it doesn’t always work out. Sometimes your husband gets stuck in the OR.

Sweaters for Newborns

It’s away great when you give a gift that is appreciated. San Juan Baptist Church has a group of ladies who make that happen. We are honored to be part of the process of handing out sweaters to mothers of newborns. 

This girl has been wearing this sweater for over a year now and it still fits. Love it! Thanks ladies for allowing us to participate in your generosity.