Monday, December 27, 2010

Receiving Rain 12/27

Yesterday was Sunday, a day of rest. We went to church. In the afternoon walked to one of the Matthewson’s friend’s house. He was very sick and they wanted to visit him sooner than later. We were almost there when the children gathered around. They waited and walked back with us. One had a ball so I taught some English words: toss, ball, bounce. Then one of them started to sing. All 40+ children joined in. It was great. When it was time to part getting them to stop and go back was difficult but with some locals help it happened.
Alice has been reading a book out loud. Last night was the last chapter. I fell asleep partway though then awoke to her sneeze. Good ending and then I crawled into bed.
This morning I woke, the first time, to a loud church bell (an old oxygen tank beaten on by a hammer) at 5:30. The second time was to the sound of the rain beating on the tin roof, trees and ground. It dumped for 30min after I woke up. All the buckets are now full. Just in time for laundry day.

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