Thursday, December 30, 2010

12/30 Day 10 Thursday

I need out.
Market day.
Worked on school plan, sewed up more screens, thought about cleaning more windows, cleaned up living room, worked on organizing kitchen cabinets
Went to the market today. It was so weird driving there. I wasn’t hot or sweaty at all! We got out, I wanted to wonder but had to follow. I found fabric I really liked. So I bought it. It was 11 bucks! In Buja the same stuff is 13-16! Go me!
When back I worked on the school plan again. Cows, about 30 of them, came wondering up the road, across the grass and to the front of the house. So fun. I had to stop to watch them. Silly looking creatures.
Warm shower from the shower bag was really nice!
Pain in my stomach was less today. I hope it goes away completely soon.

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