Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Categorized Update :)

I keep trying to upload pics from Nov but the internet is too slow and after 15min of waiting for it to load it tells me that it won't work! Frustrating.
So I think I will bag it for now and just share with you in words. :)
After such a long time since posting it's hard to know what to say. But let me try.

Classes:Finals on Monday and then classes will be finished. It's weird not having next semester to prepare for. This is my last semester of teaching at HAU for this trip. The semester has gone very well. I'm finally getting used to the teaching style and grading system of Burundi which makes my job easier. I'm sad to leave my students, especially the ones that I've had in class all year. It's weird to think that I've taught them 5 courses in the years time.

Friends:I'm past the acquaintance stage and have made some quality friends here. Not to say that there aren't many people still in the acquaintance category. It's nice to have a core group of people to go to when I'm having a great day, or I'm bored, or the day is terrible. It makes life easier when it happens in community.

Special Education:I've never been good at networking but living here I've had to improve that skill. The other day I was invited over to a person's house who has a child with a disability. It was a great to encourage the mother and answer her questions. I hope to help more in the coming weeks.

My Apartment:It seems lonely here. I put up the pictures I've been saving for Christmas. I brought last years Christmas card photos to put up this year. It was a great idea. The visitors to my apartment love them. They ask me all sorts of questions about who the people are and where they are standing. I'm now playing Christmas music all the time. I've switched from tea to hot chocolate as the hot drink of the day :) The weather might be wrong but my heart is in the right place...it's Christmas time!!!

Church:I've not been to "my" church in over 2 months. People keep inviting me to their church. I have had a great time experiencing different types of worship and church cultures. The last Sunday there was a visiting pastor from USA who I went to listen to. She reminded me (while speaking to the whole church) that Jesus has been through all the loneliness that I have and he wants to help. What a great reminder for this season.

Future:In just one week I will have nothing official to do. I'm very excited about the possibilities of ministry and networking with the special education community here in Burundi. Please pray that I will be disciplined to get up and out of the apartment.

Well I think that's a pretty good update for now.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!!

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