Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Rain! 12/28 Tuesday

Well we asked for it. Yesterday it rained in the AM and cleared up by afternoon, though we continued to work at our inside projects. Today there was no choice it poured in the morning and then rained all day. I’ve been so cold!!! Yesterday even when the sun came out I still work a striped black and white long sleeve button up over my long brown dress with blue flowers and blue sweater. That was fine while in the house but when the superintendent took a picture of me watching the orphans sing I looked down at my attire, it was functional yes but not fashionable at all!
Today I scrounged for an outfit. Yesterday was laundry day but all my shirts were left in the basket! Grrr. Plus because of the weather nothing was dry. I kept out 1 skirt for that reason. Alice had to help me with one of her tops, which I covered with the black and white top that has become my makeshift coat. I’m going to freeze when I get back to Washington.

Today the cleaning went to windows and organizing books and spices. I had lots of fun organizing the books. I picked out a few to read.
My stomach hurts, perhaps bugs…we will see.

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