Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bible Group

I forgot to tell you that I spoke/preached at Bible Group, a student lead Bible study/chapel time on campus. During the school year about 200 students attend. During the summer it is much smaller.
I was asked to preach for the next week. I said yes. It took me a long time to come up with a topic. I finally came up with "where is home and who is your family", but I knew that wasn't what I was going to share.
The morning of God woke me up at 5 o'clock in the morning. He told me to remember. I read in my Bible, where I happened to be reading. It's amazing how the Lord uses the things were we are at to teach us. He had me remember about his faithfulness to me. I had my topic "Remember".
He gave me a wonderful opportunity to share about my life, about where he has brought me. The faithfulness he has shown me. I believe that preaching that day was more of a blessing for me than for the ones who were listening.


  1. This is not concerning this blog.
    We are doing the glamor day at Miriam's. We had a fancy lunch, foot soaks with wraps. and nail care and massage. We still have hair to do and then out to dinner at Anthony Home POrt. We love you.Miriam, Ruth, Sharon, Susy (MOM)

  2. This is concerning this blog. ;-)
    God IS so faithful- thank you for your reminder of that this night.
    We're heading into Mega Kids Camp tomorrow night and anticipating all that God will do in the lives of these kids and our community. We have over 300 kids preregistered (of course, half of those are mine :-0 ...), and lots of excitement!
    Much love to you from all of us!