Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tears at Westlake

I was leaving work and had some extra time. I thought I would walk through the Westlake Mall, since I was passing by. I stopped at the Made in Washington store hoping to find something to take with me to Burundi that would remind me of home. I saw extravagant plates and mugs, those wouldn't do. I went to the calendar rack. I picked up a Seattle calendar and started to flip through the pages. It was filled with picture of places that I love, places that I would have to give up for a year. I could feel the tears starting to come. I quickly put the calendar down and left the store. I didn't want to begin to cry there in the store.
I do love it here in Washington. And I will miss it. I am going to think of it as a fast. I will be doing a year long fast from the place on earth I love, western Washington.

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