Saturday, August 22, 2009


Wow what a week it has been a of rollercoaster of emotions.

Last weekend (Aug 14-17) I hung out with my sister. She was leaving for college the next Wednesday and the reality of me only seeing her at Thanksgiving and at Christmas before I left was too much for me. I will miss her more than anything. I was an emotional wreck! That Sunday at church I couldn't hold back the tears, I literally cryed the whole morning. My dear friends Heather & Aaron invited me over for lunch. It was so great to be with people that loved me.

That night I started a journal of my prayers and thougths. I have a hard time praying because my thoughts go every which way but when I write them down I can be more honest about what I'm thinking. My pen normally leads not only to the real problem but God's very real answer. The answer he had for me was this. "I'm finding it hard to turst, Do I think you wont' go to africa with me? Do I think you're not there...I think that's it. I think you are sending me but really you are calling me. You are in Africa prepairing it form e and you are calling me. Calling me to come and be part of your work; the work you have laid out for me, specifically me."

Wrapping my brain around the thougth that God is calling me and not sending me was very comforting.

When I was at work this week I was chatting with my boss (an MK) and he was able to share with me how true God calling and not sending is. It's so nice to have someone who has been on the field and can share wisdom with me. Tuesday we talked about guns and being white. He said that using street smarts will be my number one way to avoid harm. I'm learnign so much. God is so good at putting the right people in my path.

The week proved that fact.

Tuesday I met Javier. We met at the airport, we were seeing off the Hughes. They are flying to Burundi to get ready for school. Bob is the head of the English dept. at HAU. Javier is going to be teaching English at HAU in Feb. It was so nice to talk to someone just as confused as I am. But he is so excited about going. I’m thrilled to work with him to figure out this whole Burundi trip thing. I’m making friends already and I’m not there yet! I was hoping for someone to work on this with me but didn’t think to ask God for a person. He is so good to me. He knows my requests before I ask. I’m glad He’s my God, I wouldn’t have any other. Even when I doubt him he blesses me. Now that’s a good God!

Thursday I talked to a travel agent. From what he said I should not travel alone. So I contacted Javier to see if we could make traveling easier on me.

Javier is an adventurous person but very excited to not have to battle alone. He said that he would travel with me. He wants to stop and do a few days layover in places he has not been. I’m thrilled to get the chance to stop along the way and enjoy the trip instead of having to worry about my safety. God is so good.

Saturday I got more information from Bishop Buconyori (the one who invited me, president of HAU) He told me that they have special education classes they just don’t know how relevant they are to what is needed. He said he wants me to come and teach some classes and also look at the classes and rework the schedule. I’m honored that he thinks I’m qualified. The Lord is good though and will provide for my needs.

He said there was a container leaving the states full of education supplies for HAU in Oct. I want to help with the stocking of supplies. I hope to send some of my heavy books with the container. We will see.

Only a week’s time and I have come full circle. I need to remember that my God is good, truly good.

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  1. Oh Rachel, what a joy to read this post! I can't wait to talk with you more soon. We just got home tonight from Grandpa's memorial service, so we'll catch up with you soon. We LOVED having you here.. your friendship is a treasure to us! :-)