Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Answers a bike ride away

Last week I spent my time at Warm Beach Camp's Family Camp. It was so nice to spend time just relaxing and not having to work. The best part of last week was that the Ogdens were attending family camp also. The Ogdens are missionaries to Burundi that recently have spend more time here in Washington and gone back to Burundi for 3 months at a time or so. I have met with them and gleaned wisdom over the last few months. Being able to ride my bike to their camp site and ask a question whenever it came up was so nice. Carol and I discussed many important things such as whether to bring a swimming suit, fan or tea pot. It was so nice to ask the frivolous questions that are needed to be answered. I forget how basic some of the things that I need to know. It's like I'm packing for college but don't the climate or culture well enough to write a list on my own. I have a list now and feel more knowledgeable.

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