Monday, October 21, 2013

Praying for Them

 We are having a great time in the USA sharing stories of our home and life in Africa but our hearts are still hurting for those who we love so much in Uganda. Please join us in praying for these precious little ones.

 Miriam lives in the house behind with her grandmother. She is very strong and is very helpful washing the dishes and carrying water. We enjoyed some girl time making a crown and bracelet.

We went to visit these girls at their boarding school. It was great to see their smiling faces as they walked across the lawn to see us. Kauma on the left is in Primary 5 and didn't talk much to us. Standing next to here is Penina who just lost her father in March. She was so excited to visit with family and we encouraged her and gave her a Bible. Mebra, next in line, is her cousin and a great support. She lost her parents back in 2006. She is too old to be in primary school but she is happy for the opportunity to learn at a good school. I visited Able, on the far right, back in 2010 and she is always a cheery girl. It was hard to leave these girls after our visit.

 Ibrahim has a charming demeanor and a great smile. He is willing to try his English and very helpful to translate for me. He struggles with peer pressure which results in smoking and drinking at his young age. His habits saddens his grandmother who has taken him in after his mother died leaving Ibrahim alone.

Mando who is posing with his mother is the brother to Penina. Mando's father passed away in March to HIV-AIDS. The family is still grieving but they were happy to see us. The quilt was my great aunt Louise's

Semeyi on the left is attending boarding school and is a quiet boy but a good student. He was happy to show us around his school.

Denis on the right was happy to see us. He was too old for his class and got into the wrong crowd. Please pray for Denis as he is the eldest brother of Penina and Mando and they are still grieving the loss of their father.

It was such a joy to see Brenda. She was so proud of being in junior high school. She knew that we had traveled far just to visit her and was honored. It was great for me to take a video message of her to her mother the next day. Brenda is a dedicated student and very focused on her studies.

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