Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maybe the story really isn’t finished yet

March 2 I received some devastating news. I would not be allowed to return to Burundi to serve for two more years as decided 3 months earlier. I was shocked. I didn’t understand what was happening and I felt betrayed. I didn’t write it on my blog or tell many people because my wish was that it would reverse itself and things would got back to the way they were. After much counsel I realize that things will not go back. I thought the story of my service in Burundi was done but after a conversation with my friend Isaac things cleared up. Isaac is deep in the middle of Burundi serving at a hospital. He has a cell phone that sometimes works and internet service is in the nearest large city about an hour drive away. Sitting at my dinning room table I was able to call him through skype on his cell phone. Now the connection wasn’t the greatest and it did cut out half way through but after I had a thought, maybe my service in Burundi really isn’t done. If technology can allow me to reach into the heart of Burundi from my dinning room in Kent maybe my service can too.

Perhaps God has changed my plan of serving Burundi while living there to serving Burundi while living here. Just because I’m far doesn’t mean I can’t help a country and people I’ve come to love.

I am once again excited to see what God is going to do for the children and adults in Burundi with disabilities through my willingness to serve, no matter how uncomfortable.


  1. I'm a little behind on checking blogs so just catching up on your news. I know the Lord has BIG plans for you. Praying that you'll contibue to be at peace on the road He has you on!!