Sunday, November 7, 2010

3rd Floor View

There are many cool things about living on the third floor of a building. First off the breeze that blows though is very welcome!!! Another fun thing is that I can see most of campus from any of my 3 north facing rooms. The library in across the way and so a down side sometimes is that students who should be in class find themselves gazing into my home. I guess it's fair play since I do the same thing.
The other day when I surveyed the library windows I saw the President of the University giving a tour. He went into a room and when he came out he, like so many others surveyed the land. His gaze met mine. I smiled and waved. He was puzzled for a brief moment then a giant smile filled his face and his right hand went up to wave at me. I was filled with joy! It started me off for a great day.

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