Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Evelyn's New Hope

Evelyn's story is similar to many others in desperate situation.

She came to our house requesting money to pay for her son to go to school.

We asked her about how she had paid for the fees in the past. She told us her sad story of how her sewing machine, her only source of income, was stolen during her husband's funeral. To save money she moved out of the house she was renting into this small unfinished house across the road from us.

She has taken what little money she has left and paid for her daughter's schooling since she must sit for the national exam this year and needs schooling.

Charlie, her son, has been roaming around the neighborhood during school hours, since he isn't enrolled because of the fees. He carries water for people and does other odd jobs to help with the household income.

We asked her to calculate the total she needed for a sewing machine. She was so surprised that we would be willing to pay for something that expensive.

We told her that we couldn't but we would ask God for wisdom and provision. Within a few weeks of sending out an email request our dear friends, who we met while in Burundi sent part of the money needed.
Evelyn is very resourceful, as many African women are. She was able to take the money that was sent and purchase the essentials, the machine. She is now working and providing for her family. Charlie is now in school and we are looking forward to hearing about his sister's exam scores.
It is a blessing to live in community where need can be expressed and met.

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