Wednesday, July 2, 2014


We received a message from an SPU friend, Sara, a few months back asking about the possibility of her coming to see us. We planned for her to come in June during her school vacation. She told us that her main goal in coming was to just be with us. Isaac and I were excited about having her come and help with the new baby as well. When Elijah died Sara sent us such a sweet message asking us if it would be ok if she still came. I remember her writing that she just wanted to sit on the couch and cry with us if that is what we needed to do. It was such a comfort knowing that she wasn’t expecting much from us and we could just be ourselves.

It’s amazing how God knows just what we need. Sara was there to help us with prepping our house for leaving to the US, she was there to help us laugh at our funny neighbor, and helped us chase the mouse out of our kitchen. She was there to watch a movie with, cook meals, take walks, laugh about funny cultural differences, and put on mud masks. It was such a joy having another person in our seemingly quiet house.


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