Friday, March 22, 2013

Students Leading

Days of hand holding are over, you are old boys and girls now it is time for you to lead your own morning worship time.
It has been a joy to see these students of mine, some only 4 years old leading worship for their class. It’s great to see the seeds that are being planted coming to life. Every morning we have a time of worship and bible stories. We are reading a children’s Bible cover to cover. It is great for them to see the Old Testament stories connect with the New Testament. In the Muslim faith the Old Testament stories are the same. This gives a great platform for trust and the gospel to be shared with those who have heard those stories at home. My students who are Muslim are asking questions and really taking it all to heart. In the afternoon or on the playground I hear them talking to other students about questions they have about the stories.
Please continue to pray for all my students that the word would not fall on deaf ears.

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